Lawyer - Mediator

Dr. Henrietta Hanyu

Mediator with experience resolving conflicts as a lawyer

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the need for professional conflict resolution at work has never been as strong as it is today

Reacting to this need I have decided to support conflict resolution at workplaces as a mediator while continuing my activity as employment lawyer. I see my task to play an active role in the implementation of workplace mediation in Hungary.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

My specializations

Employment-law Consultancy

and Legal Representation

As an employment lawyer, I provide legal consultancy to medium-size and large Hungarian and multinational companies in the wide range of areas of employment law, assisting my clients in comprehensive employment projects as well as representing them before authorities and courts.

Workplace mediation

Using my knowledge and experiences gained in the field of conflict resolution in the workplace, I am able to assist companies in choosing the conflict resolution method appropriate for the given situation, which enabling the minimisation of both costs and legal risks.

For whom and in what situations are the services
of our firm recommended?

when a managing director, company manager or HR professional is in need of ongoing employment-law-related legal support to their daily work

when the Labour Inspectorate initiates an audit or investigation in the company

when a legal action is taken against the company on behalf of one or more of the employees

when working with an expert who is not only experienced in all areas of employment law, but is also able to convey their knowledge in English is either necessary or important

when constructive solutions in this complex field are needed

when employment-related legal risks need to be minimalised

when the well-being of employees is a concern and workplace conflicts need to be resolved using the proper methods, efficiently and in a timely manner

when engagement towards a more democratic company culture and leadership become priorities

when keeping pace with innovative developments in the field of conflict resolution as well as their practical implementation become priorites for owners or management

European and international employment law

I am assisting my clients in cases affecting the employment law of the EU as well as in cross-border employment matters. Further, I provide legal advice in immigration issues.

Book a virtual
coffee with me!

Should you have any questions regarding our services I am happy to answer those during an online meeting. It takes maximum 30 minutes and is free of charge. Send an e-mail to and ask for an appointment.

    Member of COLAW Lawyers’ Partnership

    which was established by four experienced attorneys in the summer of 2022. Beyond employment law and business mediation the Partnership provides services in a wider range of legal areas, both for Hungarian and international clients, in German and in English as well.

    Cooperation Partners

    In the field of organisational development: ODInspire

    In matters of residence and employment of foreign employees in Hungary (relocation issues):
    Settlers Relocation Kft.

    in payroll-related questions: Elanor Hungary Kft.
    Elanor Hungary Kft.